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Thread: Simple Script

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    Simple Script

    I'm trying to get a simple script to try pinging all possible computers on a subnet (say Not i know u can use a for loop, but i not had experience in scripting of this type, and don't know where to start! It has to be in a batch file, and output the arp cache to a file so i can c the ip address/mac address of all computers on the network.
    Now i know u could use SNMP, but this is for uni, and the lecturer wants us to do it this way to c how it's done.

    Basically need a script to ping 192.168.0.x where x ranges from 1 to 254. then output the arp cache to a file arp.txt.
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    This should give you a good start.

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    here's a start
    for &#40;&#40;a=1; a <= $txt ; a++&#41;&#41; 
    ping -c 1 192.168.20.$a
    save this as a file e.g. script and make it executable
    then run something like this ./script 4 it will ping etc up to 4 displaying results on the screen.

    now at the command line work out how to redirect the output into a file or maybe into something like grep to extract the results you need. or just dump the arp cache to a file using a redirector dostuff > test.txt

    that should start you off. I don't know much about this so I've spent a while searching for you. let me know what you come up with at the end.
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    if you have nmap installed.....
    nmap -sP
    will give you a list of all the IPs that are active on a subnet then
    nmap -sL
    will give a list of all possible IPs on a subnet

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    Cool! I have actually got a simple script from the guide Variant posted, but now because uni only uses windows! I have to change it to windows command prompt so i can show the lecturer! Any one know how this code would look in a windows batch file?

    while &#91; $COUNTER -lt 15 &#93;; do
    	ping $1.$COUNTER -c 1 -i 100
    arp -a > arp.txt
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