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    can anybody suggest my how can i search for all *.jpg files shared with smbd on all LAN computers.. ?


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    you could do some recursive find commands and what not but that will beat up your disks pretty good - is there a specific goal in mind here or are you just looking to see who has the porn shared on the network?

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    what do you mean "some recursive find commands" ?
    exactly what commands ? how ?

    actually I need to search for *.mp3 files, but i said *.jpg

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    There once was the findsmb command, which would list all SMB nodes available through broadcasting. It's not shipped with the samba-client distrib in RH8, though. I think nmblookup "*" can do about the same thing, though. It's probably documented in the manpage for nmblookup. Then you'll just receive a recursive directory listing through smbclient and grep -i \.jpg$, I guess.
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