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Thread: scripts probelm

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    scripts probelm

    Hi, i creat a script file (with command actually- cp), i added the extension 'sh', but still, when i click on the scipt file it is opened on text editor instead of running in the shell. Yes and i already checked the 'allow executing file as program' box.
    What could it be?

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    That probably has more to do with your windows manager than with the script itself.Anyway you can execute it by writing
    . script
    on the command line.

    Its extension is unimportant.

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    yes i know i can run it through the command line, but the whole thing of writing this script is for making it faster. The thing is that i use firefox in linux and winXP, and everytime i modify the bookmarks and i need to save it for the other OS, so i made scripts for saving and loading the bookmarks for every OS to save this time...

    Editing: ok i fixed it by checking the box 'ask each time' (for executable text files). If i choose Run automatically the file is executed when i click but no terminal window is opened, so print command dont work, and there are also probelms with other files which arent opened as theyre suppose to.

    Anyway, if there any better solution than this annoying asking for every file ill want to hear.


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