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    caps lock, num lock & scroll lock

    Does anyone know how to turn the caps lock, num lock & scroll lock LED in keyborad on and off in C or Python. Thanks

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    you have to send a scancode to the keyboard.. i'm not sure exactly which one is sent, but there are a few resources on the web about scancodes...

    once you find the scancode, you should be able to just do something like this:

    FILE *openkbd(char *file)
          FILE *fp=NULL;
          return (fp)
    int main()
           char *file=NULL;
           FILE *fp=NULL;
           write&#40;fp, "<scancode goes here>"&#41;;
           return 0;
    that's just a rough example and some of my syntax may be off.. i'm a bit tired atm.... but the idea is to open the /dev file for the keyboard and write the scancode to it.
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    Here is a link some code that blinks the keyboard LEDs. It might help or give you a start. From here there's also a link to a program called tled on freshmeat

    Good Luck!
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