I'm using "openoffice.org Calc Spreedsheet" version 1.0 and trying to write a macro to create a file that contains the following:

user create IBM000-CAP01 uid=IBM000-CAP01,ou=000,o=IBM,dc=sis Conrad Phillips passw0rd
user modify IBM000-CAP01 password-valid yes
user modify IBM000-CAP01 account-valid yes
group modify grp-IBM000-sales-basic add IBM000-CAP01

I have colums in my sheet as follows:

O - Contains " IBM "
OU - Contains " 000 "
Domain - Contains " dc=sis "
First - Contains " Conrad "
Last - Contains " Phillips "
ID - Contains " CAP01 "
PWD - Contains " passw0rd "
Group - Contains " sales-basic "

I do have to do this on a regular basis
I need to populate a database with 60,000 ficticious users for load testing

I eventually want to have a spreedsheet I can send to a customer, he will then fill in the necessary information and send it back to me. I would then run the macro to extract the information into a text file which I can use to load the users into the database.

If I name my users cap01 for example. I can drag that column down and the spreedsheet automagicly continues to number them for me as cap02, cap03, etc....
I figured this would be the easiest way to do this but cannot figure this macro thing out. When I was running windows I was able to do this but wndows is no longer an option, my laptop is now linux.