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    Multithreaded App in Linux

    Hello everybody,
    I'am coming back to the forum after a long time.

    Actually, I developed a multi-threaded C application(9 threads). This was done in linux RH9(using POSIX threads).

    And the same application was also done without any threads, but with a sequential procesing.This achieves the same task as that of its multi-threaded counterpart, except for the asynchronous processing.

    To my astonishment, I found that, the total virtual memory image[code + data +stack] in Linux(using 'ps' command), for the multi-threaded process was nearly 30 times as that of the non-multi-threaded application.

    I would appreciate programmers having experience in developing multi-threaded applications on linux to share their views.

    Could this be a problem with my multi-threaded design ? or is it a normal behavior for multi-threaded applications to have such a huge memory foot print ?


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    how about posting the source code for your aplication so we can take a look. Also.. perhaps the "programming" section would have been more apropriate for this kind of question.

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    There are many ways i have read that multithreaded applications can be treated by the kernel, but that is up to the programmer how he is creating its childs. And if that application will be faster of it...

    By fork, if so the whole memory map must be copied to the new process that will be an exact copy of its parent.

    Threads, will not be an exact copy of its parent, just exexuting its own part...

    Can it be possible if all threads are IO-bounded that its work is being qued in memory waiting for access to the disk, or something like that???

    Just brainstorming here...


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    Sample code to suspend a thread in linux

    Hi Can anybody post Sample code to suspend a thread in linux


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