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    Help w\ bash script

    Hi everyone. I am a Linux scripting newbie and and was hoping to get some assistance with a bash script I am working on. I am attempting to write a bash script to determine if a user specified file is in the current PATH environment variable. If the file is present in the path, I need to then display the filename with the the leading directory specification removed. The script would be ececuted by the syntax of command filename . I was thinking I might be able to include the find command, for example, find -name $1 -print or something similar. Any help to get me headed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    are you aware of the command:
    that does a very similar thing already?

    (see "man which" for details)


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    Thanks for the help, basename $(which $1) seems to work.

    Along with displaying the filename, I also have to display the filesize in bytes as well as the file permissions in octal in a tab separated list. Ls - l | awk '{print $5}' will give me the filesize in bytes and echo "2i8o`ls -ld file_name|cut -c4,7,10|tr xsST- 01110``ls -ld file_name|cut -c2-10|tr rwsxtST- 11111000-`p"|dc will give me the file permissions in octal, but I am a little confused on how to display this information in a tab separated list?

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