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    tar options problem

    I am running a bash script that allows for backups. Right now it will do full backups of windows shares, but I am looking to incremental, so I just want to update the tar files that are created. Here is the code I am using for the full backups:

    tar cvpz $DRIVE/$TARGET_MACHINE > laptop.tar.gz

    I have changed it to:

    tar uvpz $DRIVE/$TARGET_MACHINE > laptop.tar.gz

    and get the error:

    "tar: options '-Aru' are incompatible with '-f-'

    I know that u is to update and that you can't use u and c together. Does anyone have an idea how I would fix this?



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    I tried too, and the same. you have to add - :
    type tar -uvpz TOTO > toto.tar.gz
    Should work

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    You could just use smbtar. I've never used it, but I know it is designed to backup Windows shared folders. Might make it easier on ya.
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