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    I do appreciate the help. the c++ programs are so that I can teach someone else to do some c++. We were just getting ready to start when this problem came up. I had posted the other problems in other areas and had some responses for a while, but they have stopped. I didn't set up the red hat box, but I am the root user, now that the person that set it up is gone.
    The only big change, not that big, that was made recently on this device, was the changing of ip addresses when I had to move our ip addresses to another subnet on a class c license. I had to change some values in a couple of config files and I have done this before.
    The main files on their now that I have to back up are about 25 web sites that are on this machine by different individuals. But I can send to a local workstation and then do the reinstall.
    It is all a learning experience, but can get time consuming and frustrating.
    Again thanks.

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    teaching C++


    Teaching C++? I just started teaching a classa about 2 weeks ago. A very fun experience I must say.
    As far as I can tell, when I changed my hostname in Redhat, I got all sorts of problems. Things didn't work properly and I just changed it back to the original hostname that I got. Still, I haven't a single clue as to why your g++ compiler would stop working. That's just dumb weird. Good luck with the reinstallation. I know it can be a boring experience but I've reinstalled Redhat like 10 times, Debian about 4-5 times, and Windows2000 around 5 times. I know what its like.
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    once you start compiling, go to a different terminal (or a different telnet/ssh screen) and type `ps auxww | grep gcc`. Find the PID that it is operating under, and try to run `gdb gcc $PIDNUMBER`. This will connect the debugger to the gcc command you are running. Once you get to the gdb command line (will look like: (gdb) type `bt`. This will give you a backtrace, and give us some information on what is going on.
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