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    hi, i want to make user accounts with admin rights (dont tell me to go read some linux documentation plz just tell me). there isnt a network or anything just a stand-alone PC.

    Also is there some 'list' on the internet which lists all the commands (to be used in terminal.console mode) of Red Hat linux, such as 'adduser' and such


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    You already have a user with admin rights, its called "root"

    On the second issue, check out the tutorials section of the forum (at the top of the forum listing in and look for the command line reference by "flw"


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    i am aware of the fact that i have a root account, that is how i access my RH, but i want to give my bro an account as well and he wants a Admin account, and i do want to share my Root password with him


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    Honestly if you don't trust someone enough to share your root password with them, you probably should trust them with an "Admin account". Make their account a member of the root group, it will give them more access rights (depending on how you have your system set up) but not full root permissions.

    For a good, basic user/permission tutorial check out this link

    and if you don't like that one just google for another

    good luck
    - flip

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilaniali
    and i do want to share my Root password with him
    That is why sudo exists. It will allow certain configured users to be able to become root without a password.

    There's no other way to do it. Linux, like all other UNIX systems, only happen to give special permissions to root. There's no way to give other users these privileges.

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