hi to All,

I am using RHEL-5 Linux where I have configured master and slave DNS servers.

To check dns zone transfer and any kind of bind error , we use /var/log/messages file. How can I create seperate DNS log file , say /var/log/bindlog so that all DNS errors and info should be logged in such a file.

Can anybody tell me how to configure named.conf to log all bind events in /var/log/bindlog file ?

# vi /etc/named.conf file

logging {
channel bindlog {
print-name yes;
print-category yes;
print-severity yes;
categorty xfer-out { bindlog;};
categorty xfer-in { bindlog;};
categorty security { bindlog;};

categorty panic { bindlog;};
categorty insist { bindlog;};


I have added these parameters in named.conf file , restarted all services but even then no logging inabove file.