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    Newbie ? - FC2 File System Booting Read Only


    I've had a strange issue come up over the past three days. Twice I've had my FC2 system freeze during boot because the file system is mounting Read Only. I get a number of errors most of them stating that services are unable to start because of the RO status of the file system. I'm running FC2 with the latest patches with GNOME DM on a Compaq Presario 2710US notebook. The first time it happened I had to format the HDD and re-install. The system worked great for about 48 hours and then it happened again. I'm afraid my system has been compromised (cracked). I haven't opened any unusual emails or visited any questionable web sites. I also have a SOHO firewall so I'm not "exposed" to script kiddies. I'm at a loss as to what is causing this problem.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    FC2 system freeze during boot because the file system is mounting Read Only
    what do you mean by that?i can't get your point
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    What exactly are the error messages?
    Maybe your bootloader set to mount ro?
    Maybe an unclean shutdown is forcing ro mount - try fsck for that one.

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    same problem... arg!

    I'm having basically the same problem. I fresh installed Fedora Core 2, and have no problems with one hard drive in the system. As soon as I add a second hard drive (the previous one I had in there that still works and still boots RH9) on IDE2, booting FC2 from ID1 locks up because it mounts / as read only and none of the services can start. Very strange bug in FC2, and I can't find much information on the web about it.

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    Sounds like your problem may be in the way Fedora writes /etc/fstab. In Core 1, anyways, they refer to partitions by "LABEL" instead of explicitly refering to them by /dev/hda3 or whatever. So if you installed Fedora on one drive, and then removed that drive and installed on another, and finally put them back into one box, on boot, the system could get confused as to what to mount since there would be two partitions of LABEL=/usr or whatever. If you have identical "LABEL=" references in both versions of /etc/fstab, change them to refer explictly to the correct drive and partition. Of course, if you move either drive, so that hda3 is now hdb3, you'll have to re-edit /etc/fstab to match.
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