we have recently purchased a MSL6000 HP tape library and the HP Data Protector backup/restore managing tool.i've managed to take a full system backup of my RHEL 4 U4.i've fully backed up every filesystem.
To try a full system restore from tape backup to a fresh RHEL 4 installation,i've restored all my files including
-/dev/*, after i created all the necessary partitions and attached all the devices that were there prior to the crash( the system is a test system )
my system crashed on reboot with "kernel not syncing,attempting to kill init".

My question is what files/filesystems should and what files/filesystems should not be restored to avoid such a crash and have a successful restore.Could someone point me to a detailed procedure of performing a full system restore including detailed info about what files to restore and how to restore the system's configuration.

HP does not seem to provide any docs on the issue.