I have an embedded application that I am working on using a small single board PC (gotta love the prices of some of these ) that boots and runs Fedora from Compact Flash.

I am trying to minimize writes to the CF module to promote longevity of the module. I am considering turning off system logging to help achieve this (I can always turn it back on if I need it right?). I expect that once everything is configured it should just sit in it's little box and do it's thing.

Also - Once I get everything set up the way I want it, if I was to make the CF module read only, what kind of trouble might I be getting myself into? Pretty much all this needs to do is start up and run a low demand hardware interface that will run from memory once it's started.

Am I on the right track? Anything else to consider or does anyone know of any reason why this wouldn't work? I've played around with doing things like this before, but never ran it for any length of time.