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    HDTV on my Linux Mythtv

    I'm trying to update my media center to play HD content(not just over the air HD content). My plan is to run the hdmi output from my cable box to a hdmi to DVI adapter which I will run into a HD Fury, stripping hdcp, from there I will use a VGA to s-video adapter and then I will finally run this into my pchdtv 5500. I want to know what kind of complications I'm going to run into by doing something like this. Is the 5500 even capable of doing this? Will all these adapters cause problems?

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    The problem you'll run into there is with the VGA to s-video adapter. This will drop your resolution down to the maximum supported by s-video (480i for NTSC, 576i for PAL).

    Your best bet, for encrypted non OTA content, is to wait for something like this card to get supported (ivtv maybe?) and use a VGA to component adapter:

    Hauppauge intros USB PVR with component input - Engadget HD

    There will be some loss from the source, but it will be a lot better than standard definition.

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