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    Screen scrolling in Linux... ):

    We installed Linux on a computer at work one day, and when we went to shut it down, right before it shut down/said "Power Down" the screen just started scrolling text forever & ever & ever etc. etc. Any ideas??

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    Oh, and it's Red Hat 9 BTW.

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    Someone ****ing reply!

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    stop frikken spamming

    anyway, maby it just takes ages to shut down, try it and leave it for 5 mins and see what happens

    is linux in any way corrupted, dose it send the kill signal and everything?

    what text shows up?

    system specs?

    we need information, not spam, this is a free forum and people dont hae to reply its NOT their job, they do it because they want* to help you

    *they are more likely to help you if you dont spam
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