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    Having problems getting Fedora core 8 working...


    I have some issues with fc8 that I'd like to resolve. I have installed fc8 on an intel dual core 2160, Galaxy nForce 650i ultra MB, Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS. The DNS settings get lost each time I successfully reboot (which is not that often), requiring me to manually re-enter the settings each time so the machine has internet access. The reboot problem I am having is frustrating in the extreme. EVERY time I reboot it cycles through to the login screen, rebooting again and again... It also reboots itself whenever it feels like it after I've logged in (a rare occasion!!) Obviously, something is seriously wrong with the install. After I installed I successfully upgraded using 'yum -y upgrade'. 804MB, and several hours later, the machine STILL cycles the boot sequence. This has been an ongoing problem for me -I've re-installed the OS from scratcxh at least 20 times!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Please! does anyone have any ideas!!!??? It should NOT be this difficult!!!

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    Ok, I found some partially helpful advise: I need to include the dns addresses in /etc/resolv.conf. That, however, gets overwritten by some process. Could someone explain how this happens? I might be then able to tell the process the dns addresses I require it to use...

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    The reboot issue seems like your video card may be too new for fc8 perhaps, not sure, i would probably run default init 3 and see if it still reboots and if i cant find a solution to the problem i would replace the vid card with something that is *nix compatable.

    the /etc/resolv.conf is where u specify nameserver

    if it gets whiped out everytime u reboot. i would stick this command in the start up script in the /etc/rc.d/rc.local

    echo " nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

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    ip address for nameserver would be the dns server of the one you are trying to use[/B]

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    Ok, thanks re the network issue - I'll implement your work around. I would like to know what overwrites the resolv.conf though - I'll disable it, or tell it that it needs to use particular addresses.

    The graphics card should definately be *nix compatible - nvidia supply a driver for it (can't get that to work either!) and there is a supplied driver - nv - that comes with the fc8 distro that supports the GeForce 8400 along with many other Nvidia cards.

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