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    mp3, dvd. divx, wmv

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get or install the divx, wmv, codecs to work on xine and and install them for xmms. i want to be able to watch divx video clips and propietary winblows wmv clips i like xmms over any other music players, i have xmms with mp3 working, but i use a script that automatically installs these support through yum to get it working. I am curious to know how to get mp3 codec, divx codecs and find the codec directory for your application and install the codecs to apps codec library without haveing to use yum.
    # MP3 Support

    # amaroK requires amarok-extras-nonfree
    # Audacious requires audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3
    # K3b requires k3b-extras-nonfree
    # Noatun requires kdemultimedia-extras-nonfree
    # Rhythmbox requires gstreamer-plugins-ugly
    # Xmms requires xmms-mp3

    # Xmms
    if rpmCheck xmms ; then
    if rpmCheck xmms-mp3 ; then
    PKGLIST="$PKGLIST xmms-mp3"
    if [ -z "$NEEDS_MP3_SUPPORT" ] ; then
    zenity --info \
    --text "MP3 support is already installed for all detected applications:\n$HAS_MP3_SUPPORT"
    elif [ -z "$NEEDS_MP3_SUPPORT" -a -z "$HAS_MP3_SUPPORT" ] ; then
    zenity --info \
    --text "No applications needing MP3 support were detected."
    zenity --info \
    --text "MP3 support will be installed for the following applications:\n$NEEDS_MP3_SUPPORT"
    [ -n "$PKGLIST" ] && yumCheck && yum -y install $PKGLIST
    unset PKGLIST

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    You need the w32codec, you can download it here.

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