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    ATI video problem

    I decided to try out FC8 on my other computer that is running a :
    AMD dualcore 3.0ghz
    ATI Radeon 1650 512DDR2 graphic card
    SATA HD 120gb

    When i installed fc8 i couldnt install it under GUI mode, which i was able to install fc8 under textmode. I tried reconfiguring the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file with the vesa driver, which when i reboot to stat X it just shows a blank back screen but i can ctrl +alt into a konsol with F1 - F6 keys no problem.

    I was able to install suse enterprise server 10 on this computer and get X working out of the box but with not 3d support. I dont like using Novell linux and want fc8 up n working with my ATI radeion 1650 card. Has anyone experienced this with an ATI card?? This is my first ATI card, before i use to use Nvidia cards. maybe i should of got nvidia instead of a ATI card.

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    I got my ATI driver working on fc8 now. you can get the ati drivers here Drivers & Software.
    My problem was that there were no way to get into a GUI, so im stuck at the command line which isn't bad , if u are only setting up servers, I tried every driver listed for xorg.conf and still no luck, i took my ati card out of the computer and used my on board VGA with my good old vesa baby. so soon as i reboot the pc using just the on board video controller i was able to get crappy oversize resolution, but i start tweaking that around a bit to get a higher resolution.

    The ati driver u get from ATI is a script which requires a gui to install the driver, so else can u u go about installing the driver? my solution was to use my onboard vid and boot up to get a gui working, download the ati installer script from there weibsite at ATI.
    I shutdown the pc after installing the driver, then sticking the vid card back into thePCI-E slot and restart the pc amd walla, it worked. that was a pain in the ass though.

    there is got to be a way to install ati drivers from the very bottom of command line world with out the need for a GUI.

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