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    Unhappy issue with DNS and I kindly need help from you all

    I spent the entire weekend trying to solve this and yet still working on it!!!

    I just got my server from fedex
    moved everything from old to new with Centos 5.1

    ok here is an idea of what I have..

    DSL line come in to my modem from modem goes to my router,
    my router forwards traffict to my main server
    apache Worked!!!
    all domains that I host works OK
    DNS is running at which is my main server...
    on my other server is my Email server Running postfix
    on my router is set to forward smtp/POP
    well, I can not reaching my email server with any client email softwares..

    my dns is only has master since I think my router will direct traffict to those ports...

    or am I wrong :-0 ?

    on my /etc/hosts. localhost.localdomain localhost ns2
    ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6

    on my /etc/resolv.conf

    ; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
    search # Router gateway
    nameserver # main server

    with this setup seems to works fine excepts my email server...

    and Honestly I never done any other setup where I run many services from different machine, I always done it withing one single system and since
    I want take some of the load from the old server I decited to other new one and got stuck on email srver....

    hope you guys can help me...

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    1 First ensure that you are able to ping to the from your other machines ?

    2 Check if there is any IPtables/fierwall running on the machines.

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    I solved the issued

    because I kept messing with DNS and not giving enough time to spread to all the networks... stopped for few hrs and boom!!! started to work....

    I should it known better!!!

    one more question

    How can I authenticate a user who is, for this example in NY and my server is in California he needs to connect to my server to send mail....

    How can I authenticate him ?

    Currently I'm using

    Centos 5.1

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