Hi all,

I'm trying to install Fedora 8 on a raid1 device with just one active disk.
My machine has two disks (sda and sdb) with several partitions mirrored (raid1) on which
I run Fedora 7.
To upgrade the machine I want to deactivate on side of the mirrors (sdb) and do a fresh
install of Fedora 8 on them. This would give me the opportunity to fully configure/test Fedora
8 and still have access to Fedora 7 and my data (actually I'm desperately trying to live up to
the unofficial SLA with my wife who expects me to hold my promise about Linux being much
more stable than the MickeySoft she knows/prefers).
The problem seems to be that the Fedora installation doesn't let me configure a RAID
device with just one device in it. Even If I create the raid devices manually from Fedora 7
(before the installation of 8 ) the installation won't let me use these as devices to create
filesystems on (same message about needing at least two devices for a raid device).

Is there an (easy) way to install Fedora 8 on plain devices and convert them to raid devices
after install/configure/test?

It seems the Linux raid software needs some space at the end of every raid partition to
store metadata. Maybe one could create a filesystem that is just a little smaller that the
partition and have mdadm store its data on the remaining space..

Anyway.. hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.