Ok, i understand probably most of you don't use Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but this problem could be a Red Hat/Fedora specific problem.

I am having trouble getting the clock to stay in synch using the ntpd daemon.

When we first installed this server the clock was always 4 hours behind and i kept running ntpd manually to get it to synch up.
i checked the bios clock, and sure enough it was 4 hours off. I thought
Idiot... that was an easy fix
But low and behold i boot back up and the clock is still off 4 hours.

I then adjusted ntpd to run on runlevels 3,4,5 etc.
Well it still lost 4 hours.
After checking the /var/logs/messages i found that the sanity level was preventing it from synching up.

I adjusted it so that it starts with no sanity level.

Now on occasion it will randomly drop 4 hours and then later pick them up.
We plan to run a production Oracle database off of here so the clock has got to be correct or transactions will be fudged up

the hardware clock (from running the hwclock as root) is correct
The time zone is set as EST (New York)
system clock does not use UTC

short of running cron jobs every half hour or so to synch up with the bios clock i don't know what else to do.
Its not that i can't run these jobs, its more of
Why should i have to?

Any help is appreciated