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    Unhappy Samba share problems

    Hi all, I've got a RHEL4ES server on a Windows network accessed through an X Server. I would like to connect my Windows box to the server via Samba, but I can't. The IT department has said in no uncertain terms that the Linux system cannot be integrated in to the Windows network!

    Now, that means that I can't use any aspects of AD to provide Kerberos authentication to the box. I've set up the box according to the Samba set up chapter in the Red Hat SAG documentation and I've had connection ONCE. When I disconnected I couldn't reconnect. Nothing I try seems to work.

    I've got the Samba share set up as using User Authentication, and I can see the workgroup appear when I go into 'Windows Network' under 'Network Neighbourhood'. The share is pointing directly at my user area and my Linux username has permission to go into the directory (I've tried allowing everyone access, but I still can't get in).

    When I try to map the network drive, I constantly get the Network Password dialogue box. Any ideas what is causing this? The linux box knows that there is a connection being attempted, it is listed under smbstatus when the password box is displayed.

    Any ideas on how to get this box talking with the Windows network (without sneakily using Kerberos authentication)?



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    post your samba configuration file, I am at work in a windows only network running linux and am able to share my files on the network to windows pc's, and I have not bind myself to our domain using kerberos or winbind or anything like that

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    Gah, that's what I get for being lazy and using the graphical tools. The system hadn't added me to the valid users entry. Now all I need to do is see if it lets me reconnect tomorrow.

    Thanks for the hint. I never use the graphical tools. I guess I should follow my own advice...


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