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    Move /home to /var/home


    Currently the partition having the home directories are mounted on a mount point called /home.

    Because /home is running out of space, I'd like to move all home directories to /var which has loads of space.

    What is the best way to do this? Is it possible to mount directories? e.g. to mount /var/home to /home (or it that only devices are mountable to mount points?)

    Many thanks.

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    Only devices are mountable to mount points. You could move your entire /home directory to /var/home
    #mv /home /var/.
    You would need to edit /etc/passwd and change the location of all your users home directories so that they point to /var/home/user. There might be some problems if some apps or settings are set to look for things in /home/user, so you could create a softlink e.g.
    #ln -s /var/home /home
    If you do the above, then you don't have to edit /etc/passwd to change the home directories. Also make sure that the entry for the device node which is currently mounted as /home in /etc/fstab is removed or commented out because if it remains it will keep being mounted as /home whenever you start your system.

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    if u want to move your home directory then best option is that go vi /etc/default/useradd then change your home directly.. after that when u creat neuser then bydefault home directory selected new one.

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    Don't forget to change the homedirectories in /etc/passwd (6th field) for all regular users.
    Also change the value of the DHOME variable in /etc/adduser.conf.


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