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    New to linux... please help me =)


    For those of you who own HP Compaq 6710s and want to install linux, you have to turn native sata support in your bios off so the setup detects your hard drive


    I have fedora 7 installed because i can't download 8 right now... i want to install a few things and i'm not sure how.

    I downloaded the beryl core tar.gz and used archive manager to extract it... how do i install it? and are there better video drivers for my intel gma x3100? how do i get wine?

    Please explain to me well, i'm only brand new and don't understand all the technical stuff very well.


    Regards, Mortagen

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    Please help me... please? i'm trying to resist windows by sticking with linux... but i need help to do it. How do i get mp3 support too?

    Thanks ALOT in advanced!

    Regards, Mortagen

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    This is a link to a good Fedora 8 installation guide. I think a lot of the stuff would also be usable for fedora 7. There are also guids for other fedora releases. Hope this helps.

    Personal Fedora 8 Installation Guide

    Shows you how to set up mp3 support. install video drivers ect.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I managed to fix the mp3 support with the following guide before i saw your reply:

    Fedora 7: Installing multimedia Support | FedoraNEWS.ORG

    Hope that helps some others!

    Music sounds terrible... think i need some decent drivers for audio now too... anyone know how i can get some audio and video drivers for my 6710s for fedora 7? i'd really appreciate any help...

    Also... how do i go about installing wine? i don't want beryl anymore... i found out i only need emerald now to apply a theme i downloaded from gnome look


    Regards, Mortagen

    PS. Linux is being so much nicer to me this time around... i think i'm here to stay Well at this stage anyways...

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    Execute this
    su -
    lspci | grep -i VGA
    grep -i driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Post output here.

    Have you installed Linva Or Freshrpms repo?
    Execute this to install Wine:
    su -
    yum -y install wine
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