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    FC9 Update, Mailserver Clock skew and not being able to get in now

    Hi everyone!

    I was online with Fedora this weekend and looked up at the top of my screen to see that there were 580-something odd updates available. I clicked the option to update and after installing several needed packets to continue, I started the long process of updating.

    It turns out that the huge amount of updates weren't just updates--I now have fc9 installed on my fedora partition with the yadda.yadda.24 kernel instead of the yadda.yadda.23 kernel. Pretty cool stuff, but now I have a couple problems that don't let me into the gui of either the fc9 or the fc8 OS.

    When fedora gets done with its initial bootup, I get the mouse, but no login screen...or any screen for that matter, the monitor just goes black. I killed the rhgb quiet to see if that was the problem and it wasn't, but it did lead me to a possible problem. The mailserver is reporting an excessive clock skew issue and the clock period seems to be a little off (on the order of 10^4). Additionally, some user file seems to be incomplete and doesn't detect a clock signal.

    If you need, I will reboot and post the exact messages for you, but I need your help in determining what to do about this. I am able to get into the command line with no problem.



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    Okay, Here are the two messages I get during the boot process:

    The first is that the hardware clock cannot be accessed.

    The second is that the has a mod time of 4.4*10^8s and that there's excessive clock skew. It also speculates that some build is incomplete.



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    I think the best solution would be to backup any important files and reinstall. It appears that you had the development repositories (rawhide) enabled, so yum installed packages that are currently being tested for the next version of Fedora. Many of these packages probably contain bugs, missing features or other problems that the developers are currently working to resolve and are not suitable for a production machine.

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