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    Angry Permissions Changes Screws up root GUI

    Hello there. I have a Fedora 7 server with 2 drives, one dedicated to Fedora, the other is an NTFS drive which i use for storage (I'd use linux, but I CAN'T lose that data =\ )

    OK, well, I was setting up Fedora to be an FTP server, and I kept getting permissions errors, annoyed, I just set it so full access could come to the entire drive. Upon doing this, my FTP worked beautifully, and I could modify my entire drive at will from a distance - great. Well.... After something I did required a restart, I came back into root's GUI and found about 20-30 error messages all blathering about my internet not being connected ( I suspect it couldn't load the service). First message when logging in involved a file which it needed special permissions to read/write default system values such as default language and desktop settings. Well, I can't do almost anything as root user at the moment, as EVERYTHING except for the desktop icons is non-existent (I can still fully access my drives, thankfully. This is where I am looking for help for the most part - I don't know where anything is, including any user files). No Fedora button, no clock, no window change thingy, no ability to get to the shell by any means which I currently understand. I am a total linux noob and *really* hate having to reinstall, because I can't figure out what I'm doing right to get the FTP and HTTP to work properly... Now that I (once again) get it working, it crashes. I really hate having to use the command line for extensive-use things, and a simple GUI for an FTP/HTTP would rock (So long as I am able to set the directory FTP and HTTP go to, and have full access FTP to the Anonymous user in said directory).

    Please avoid "TLDR"ing me, I'd be happy to explain anything requested if you think I wasn't clear enough. I am currently loving Windows Vista and Linux keeps exploding on me

    A second question I have is about file permissions. Why, even as Root, will I set a value which immediately dissapears?
    Owner: root
    Folder Access: Create and delete files
    File Access: Read/Write (always changes back to ---)
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