I am running fedora 7, and have a problem with my wireless network.

I was able to connect to my home wireless network, which has 128bit wep encryption with open authentication, but last week i accidently deleted the key for this wireless network from the keyring, and since then i have not been able to connect to this network - i can see the network in my list of wireless networks, and when i try and connect to it, it asks me for the password, i select the correct encvryption and authentication type, type in the password and click OK, after a second or so, one of the green dots comes on in the system tray, and when i hover my mouse over the system tray, i see this message: "waiting for the network key for the wireless network WLAN_F0", but that timdes out and i am prompted the password again.

I checked and doublechecked the password, deleted the whole keyring, rebooted PC, rebooted router, changed the password, name and encryption type of the wireless network on the router, but no luck.

i can access without any problem to a non-protected wireless network in the house, but i can't figure out why i can't connect to my own. can anyone help? Is there some config file that still has the name or router MAC of the wireless network that i need to delete?

I suspect the problem may have more to do with the keyring than with the wireless configuration.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.