Really weird... for some reason when I boot into rescue mode (boot disk -> "linux rescue"), when it tries to mount my current fileysystem, it gives the message "An error occurred trying to mount some or all of your system". Looking in "/mnt/sysimage" I see that only the /boot partition was found & mounted (proc & sys too). After some tinkering, I determined that if I change my /etc/fstab file to use the actual device name instead of using the "LABEL=/", then rescue mode can find & mount the filesystem.

Even when rescue mode gives the error, I can still use e2label and findfs to find the label of the device as well as find the device associated w/ the label. Obviously the rescue mode has to have been able to locate my "/" partition in order to check the /etc/fstab file -- so why give the error instead of mounting it? Anybody have any ideas? This is a pain, because I want to use LABELs in my fstab file, but need rescue mode to auto-mount my system to save me several steps everytime I boot into rescue. I'm trying to understand why it's erroring out here.

I can give system details if needed... not sure which things are pertinent to this problem, though. I am using Logical Volumes if that makes a difference.