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    screwed up an ioracle installl need help fixing it

    I have a really bad problem with an installattion of oracle 9 on redhat linux 9

    Heres what happened i did the preinsttallaation steps at this webaddress then i went through the Oracle Universal Installer and did a Oracle fro m thje available products page selected te enterprise edition and tried to load a generral purpose ( i missed thje part that said just do an install of the software only first and i think this caused the problem) after thhat it had a problem running the oracle database assistant because npdeonnfo didint have a value so i hit the stop button on it and let it continue wirth the httpd and the n finished the install

    now ive got several prolems anything under the system settings directory that i tr to aces wont come up and it gives the ever helgpful unknown error and fuirther more i cant change any of the ptoperties on the system setting even as roo. its almost like ive been kocked out of changing anything until i get this finishes the install

    so does anyone out there know how to fix iiit and more im0pportantly what i did wrong so i dont do it again

    ps im a linuux newbie so deetails would hellp

    thanks in advance for any help

    Nathan Holbrook

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    so you're saying you can't do anything on the operating system level?

    something happened with the oracle installation and now you can't do ANYTHING? or are you talking about system settings under Oracle?

    sounds like something very bad happened...
    i don't know what to tell you..

    I've done several installs of oracle on redhat/fedora systems, but i set all my settings through the command line.

    If its just a bad oracle install, i would blow away all the oracle stuff and give it another shot.

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