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Thread: Im new to linux

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    Im new to linux

    Hello i am in the process of downloading Red Hat linux and i was wondering if that is a good linux to have and if there are any better ones i could download. also i was wondering if linux is better than windows and if i could still run my windows programs. thanks


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    All of that is a matter of opinion. Personally, I find RedHat exceptional, but others might not. Similarly, some might tell you that RedHat is a great system, while others might reccomend something else. It's all a matter of pereception. The best way is to just see for yourself. Download it, install it, and if you don't like it, then try something else.

    Now, the question "Is Linux better than Windows" is only going to be answered my people's opinions, but god, yes, Linux is way better than Windows.

    Many of your Windows programs will run under Linux using a program called Wine, but you might have to tinker with it a little bit. If you have any specific programs that you need to run, you could post them, and I'm sure some people here could answer your question. Not all Windows programs will run with Linux, even with Wine.

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    redhat is a nice distro, but if you want a redhat like distro i would recomend getting fedora. since redhat will not be updated ever again since redhat has made it clear it will only develop enterprise level software. so i would recomend staying with distros that have the potential for updates.

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