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    Installing USB modem

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me, I am having a lot of trouble installing a 'USB BT Voyager 100 modem' on my redhat 9 machine. In order to install It , I log in as root, I then must compile the driver for the firmware, then set all the settings, then connect (This is all done in the linux terminal). The modem works fine until i restart the machine an dI have to go through the whole terminal process again. Does anyone know how I can install my modem permanently, so I don't have to install every time i use linux? (As you can tell I am very much a beginner when it comes to linux).

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    Nice thing about linux is that you will rarely have to reboot, but i dobut you have to re install, you just need to add starting the modems driver to teh default runlevel, i beleve it would go something like this.
    rc-update add <commandtostartmodemdriver> default
    I could be wrong, but thats the command in gentoo, i dont know about rh and FC
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