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Thread: UTF8

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    I live in Egypt,I installed Fedora Core1 on my system. when I access my win partions all Arabic file names are writen as question marks (for example: ?????.wav). I was advised to use UTF8 but I do not know how
    could you please help me?

    P.S.: Default language is Eng. US

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    minacross, this might help you:

    Or this:

    The user can change the default language of the system from Start menu -> System Settings -> Language.

    For instance, if the user wants to change the entire Desktop Environment of Red Hat 9 Linux to the Arabic language, the user would choose it from the Language option at the bottom left corner of the Login Screen. From this point, all the opened Linux applications will be invoked using the chosen Bidi locale.

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    Here isn't a good place to look for help on language support, is it? Eventually here is an English-as-Official-Language forum. It is better asking this kind of question in some other places actually speak your language.

    Take me for example. I am Chinese, and I communicate with my fellas in China On Internet a lot. I need to read and input Chinese all the time. Believe me I've tried many Linux distroes, but most of linux distro's default Chinese interface are awful, and none of them can input Chinese when I switch to English Interface.

    First thing I dealt with was the look. That was the easiest part. You just download fonts' package, modifiy your /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, /etc/gtk/gtkrc.zh_CN, and /etc/X11/XF86Config (xorg.conf in case of FC2), then you will have almost smooth look as under Windows. I learned this from Chinese Linux forum the minute I installed Linux. Here I should salute to Mr. Firefly from Taiwan, who applies all the packages.

    The difficult part is the Chinese Input. They don't have problem when it is Chinese Interface, but unlike Windows system they usually can't Input other languages when users are using English Interface. I have been struggling on this for more than one year, but thanks to Mr Erning I finally got Chinese Input under English Interface, or I should say English locale to be exact? :P

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