Our LAN has a server with four hard drives and Red Hat 9.0 with a FastTrack Raid Controller is installed on it. Recently the Server crashed with the message: “Status of the Array (configuration of the four hard drives under the FastTrack controller) is critical” with the probable cause shown as “One of the Hard Drives failed”.

As a first step to fix this problem, we deleted the array and redefined it in the same order without changing anything. When the computer was restarted, the “Status of the Array was Functional, but it failed to recognize any operating system”.

The only option left was to reinstall Red Hat 9.0 and now everything seems to work properly.

I am at confused whether the problem was caused due to some incompatibility of the Fast Controller with Red Hat 9.0 or something else. Can any one help in this matter? Also is there any way to check whether there some errors on the hard drive?