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    virtual machine by vmware converter

    in my lap i have 2 operating systems fedora7 and win xp pro.i installed vmware server on fc7 successfully,then i installed vmware converter in winxp and made a virtual machine with c: drive only(selected c: partition during making virtual machine),then i restarted and logged in to fc7 and started vmware server and selected the virtual machine i created from the xp in my same lap,now when i started the virtual machine nothing happens only a black screen for 2 seconds(trying to start xp),then goes to virtual machine selected window and statul is power off,my qn is IS THAT NECESSARY TO POWER ON THE XP(FROM WHICH I MADE VIRTUAL MACHINE) AT THE SAME TIME WHEN I ACCESS THE VIRTUAL MACHINE FROM MY FEDORA?IF YES,THEN HOW CAN I MAKE A VIRTUAL MACHINE FROM THE ALREADY INSTALLED OS(XP PRO)WITHOUT MAKING THE VMACHINE FROM THE VMWARE SERVER(WASTAGE OF SPACE IN HARD DISK)?????????????

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    Less RAM

    I have a problem understanding your description of the problem, however I think I might know what your problem is. Because I had a similar problem.

    Your original machine has 1 GB of RAM so the copy made by VMware Converter was created with 1GB of RAM. When you start the VM in VMware server your machine is trying to seek 1GB of RAM but there is not enough RAM because Fedora is using it.

    What you need to do is pull the RAM out of your computer before making the copy from bare metal to virtual machine, for example if you have two 512MB sticks of RAM pull one out. This will create a virtual machine with enough room to start.

    Hope I explained my self, ask if you questions.

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    my qn that possible to run the .vmx file from fedora without running the os from which the vm made by vmware converter ?.or if we installed a software in the vm running in fedora then is that change reflect in the orginal os when i boot it from the grub

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    A virtual machine should run on any vmware installation. It is abstracted from the hardware. In fact you may also convert from the vm* file into a qemu image or even Virtualbox I believe.

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