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    When I boot, I get grub. Read the thing in tut. forum, help

    I read the thing in the tutorial...didnt help, considering that I formated the fedora partition.

    Anyway heres the problem.

    *note*my system was dual boot w/ windows XP**

    I recently got mad a Fedora becuase it would do a file system integrity check everytime i started it, and would not boot into Linux. So, I booted up windows, opened partition magic 8.0, and decided I would format the fedora partition, then reinstall it. Well, there were two partitions, one was full and one was only using like 5 gigs. They were both linux partitions. Me being an idiot, I only formated one of them. Leaving the one that was full, and the windows partition.

    Now, when I boot, it gives me the "grub>" thing. That post didnt help becuase it cant even find the kernel, considering I deleted it........
    And so, it wont let me do anything. Can I boot into the Fedora cd to fix it all??? I already have the bios set up to do so, but it just goes to grub....

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    Try to rewrite your MBR from Windows XP recovery Console... This should make the grub message go away...

    Have you reinstalled linux yet? If not - reinstall now, make sure you install GRUB in a place OTHER THAN your MBR or boot sector of your windows partition (put it in the linux partition superblock). Then make the linux partition active. Everything should work

    If you already reinstalled linux, after making sure windows boots okay, you'll have to boot linux from a CD, then edit your grub.conf file and then reinstall gub into the proper location (again - use your linux partition). After that is done you can make the linux partition active and everything should work.

    The good thing about doing it this way is that if you do something to destroy your grub again, all you have to do is make the windows partition active to at least have a system that works!

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    thank you very much...but...lets put it this way:

    1. I have no clue how to reinstall linux from grub, nor get into windows from grub.
    2. Im very new to linux. I caught some of that...but....can we talk in newb terms, please?Im not computer illiterate, just not grasping linux right away. Specialy since i kinda cant get on it an all.

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    How did you install FC before, then it is how you will reinstall it this time. Of course you might have the chance to choose upgrade the system option this time.

    Because you are not sure what you have deleted yourself, reinstall the system might be the best way to play.

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    OK -
    1. Does your Windows XP system boot? I'm assuming not due to the message that all you get is grub> on bootup. To make windows boot again do this:
    1. boot from the Windows XP CD - When prompted weather you want to setup and install, cancel, or repair with the recovery console, select R to goto the recovery console.
    2. It will ask which installation you want to log onto - there should be only one option. The administrator password, be default, should be blank, when prompted just press enter.
    3. at the prompt (looks something like C:\>), type:
    fixboot c:
    and press enter. then type
    and press enter again.
    4. Reboot and see if windows loads.
    5. Use partition magic to delete all non-windows partitions so you can reinstall Linux.
    6. Boot the linux installation CD. When prompted for how to create the system select the option to use available free space. IMPORTANT: when asked about your grub configuration, check the advanced box. This should allow you to select the partition to install grub onto - here you pick your LINUX PARTITION (the first linux partition)
    7. Complete the installation and reboot.

    I cannot remember if linux will change the active partitions or not... If it does not, your system will boot into windows, if it does your cool.

    If windows boots instead of grub, you must change your active partition to the linux partition you installed GRUB onto - if you need help w/ this just ask.

    If grub boots and windows is not an option, it must be added via your grub configuration file in the /boot partition. If this is a problem, again, just ask.

    Hope this helps

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    Now I dont lose 50 hours of music, my game dev stuff, and like 60 gigs of my games lol.

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    Okay, maybe I do.

    Heres the problem:

    When I put the CD in (bios settings allready done, supposed to boot from the CD) it does not detect the primary slave (my cd rom drive). Then It just waits a bit and goes to grub. If i take the CD out, it detects the CD drive right away, then goes to grub.!?!?!?! PLEASE?!

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    Did you initially install Fedora from bootable CD? Do you have your boot devices in the right order (CDROM before HD)?

    Nvr seen this problem - but maybe you can trick it if you have a floopy drive by doing this:
    1. Insert floppy (not a bootable one)
    2. Change boot device order to a. FLOPPY, b. CDROM, c. HD
    3. Boot - floppy will error with 'no system disk, replace and...'
    4. Insert CD (BIOS detection of drive should be done by now), remove floppy, and press a key

    Dunno if that will work or not - but it's worth a shot. Let me know what happens

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    Alrighty, Im going to go try it out right now...

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    Oh yeah, alomst forgot:

    I installed Fedora from the bootable CD using my first CD rom drive a while ago. Like...a month or so.

    Then after hauling it on a plane back home, it broke, and so now I have a new DVD rom drive, wihch I HAVE used before when the system was running. Dont know if this matters. I also have an old regular 32x drive...just for backup and emergencies...

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