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    Airport in XFCE not working


    So I got Fedora 9 installed on my Intel Mac Mini successfully. Even though Apple advertises the proc as being a 64bit Dual Core, the x86-64 distro wouldn't work, so I got the i686 and it works fine. But I digress...

    So far it's installed and everything works fine, in Gnome. I like Gnome and all, but I prefer XFCE. It's installed fine and works well, but I'm not sure what to do to get the Airport Wifi card to work. In Gnome there's a nice drop down menu for it in the upper right task bar next to the clock and stuff. From it I can choose an available network, input the password, and join the network. But I don't have that in XFCE.

    Well, I tried using the network configuration menu and it sees both the built in ethernet, and the wifi connections, and they're listed as inactive. When I try to activate the wifi connection, it gives and error then attempts to look for an IP in vain.

    Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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    Would it help if I gave the specific error?

    I've setup the device exactly the same as it is in Gnome, but XFCE just won't initialize it for some reason.

    It's frustrating cause' I don't want to settle with gnome, I like XFCE so much better . . .

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    As it turns out I've even now installed and tried KDE and the Airport card works fine in it too, same settings as Gnome as well.

    There's something small that I'm missing, I just know it. And one of the smart people on these forums is bound to have come across something at least somewhat similar.

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