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    Threatened with hacking, should I worry?

    Hey folks,

    Not quite a Linux question, but this is the only messageboard where I know to come for computers advice. I run Linux at home (fedora core 7) and my work PC has windows. I just got threatened with hacking, and I'm wondering whether or not I should worry.

    I called this guy a reptile on an online messageboard, and this is what he said:

    "Sassy .. one day your account is gonna end up currupted and for some strange reason your PC will start acting funny ... it wont let you do certain things like post on here... or even get on Google anymore.... I dont know how that could happen .. but I have a feeling that one day its going to happen to you."

    Now, normally I don't put much stock in such threats, but he is a computers / software guy with a large tech company (from what I understand) and also does websites. He built the website in question. Now, could he gain access to my PC just through the act of me logging in to the message board? On Linux I'm not as worried, but what if I log in to the messageboard from work?

    Thanks in advance for your advice,

    Your pal,


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    No not likely. You're no more or less vulnerable for him saying that than you were before. And you're probably better off on Linux in this situation than you would be with Window.

    Trolls and script kiddies go off with this kind of nonsense regularly on the internet. If he had either the inclination or the ability to do what he claimed he wouldn't have wasted time telling you about it and just gone for it. Just think he's probably off googling exploits now...

    With all of that said you are more likely to be breached if someone is intent on doing it than by random scanners,worms or scripts. For instance running ssh on an unusual port might keep the script kiddies away during a bulk scan but if someone is intent on getting you and hits you up with nmap they might well find your ssh port.

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    Yes, as the person above has stated you are safe.

    And Yes, a "real" hacker, also would not just go around and say on a public message board "I'm going to hack you hahaha" for one reason. They wouldn't risk that whole company etc for jailtime now would they? No.

    However, although we say Linux is safe, which it is. they are still ways of getting in if you know what you are doing. but, the fact that he told you that he is going to do it, gives me the impression he is a "newbie hacker" which is someone who knows how to hack a bit. however mainly on windows. or someone who doesn't really know how to hack and is just trying to scare you.

    And all through calling him a um reptile? lol.

    I think he was just having a bad day. and didn't like that, so he made a false threat. or for some reason it really badly offended him and again, just made a false threat... however, in the meantime don't use your work machine on that forum, it is very easy to by-pass forum security and grab an IP address. which then could lead him to either your work computer, or your linux, its possible to break into windows easier than it is linux. so keep to linux for now when you visit that forum.

    Just don't start getting all "panicy" because that leads to stress and worry and then you end up paranoid that he will hack you at any minute. which he won't.

    Hope this makes sense... I'm kind of tired at the moment lol....


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    next time you in the board tell him u have SElinux tell him it was developed by the NSA see if he has any idea wat u talking about

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