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    Did something stupid

    I just did an install of Fedors Core 2. all went swimmingly.
    Downloaded and Firefox and ran the install. Went well.
    All this in the GUI interface.
    Wanted to view the file
    Right clicked the icon for the shell script and clicked 'Open With... | An Application'
    Got the dialog saying there was nothing configured and wold I like to associate something with the file.
    I clicked yes, poked around a bit, and now I can't execute any shell scripts.
    I keep getting an error saying that the fle does not have any applications associated with it and would I like to associate one now.

    I need to know what the default associations for a shell script are so that I can getthem to run again.

    /me smacks forehead with open palm

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    shell scripts arnt associated with anything GUI related. Shell scripts are shell scripts, you run them from a shell.

    ie, open shell/"konsole". then "cd" to the directory with the script saved in. then "chmod 755 <>". then "./"


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