'lo, people.

I know this isn't technically a RedHat-specific issue, but I figure that Linux/RedHat users are the best people to ask this.

I have a Cobalt RaQ 2 server from years ago and I'm only just now trying to get it into a usable state with some version of MySQL and PHP.

After doing some reading, I figured out that I needed to update certain things so I updated egcs and libstd++ to the necessary versions, but I can't find glibc-2.0.7-29*.mips.rpm for the life of me. I found 2.0.7-10 which was still not good enough to compile... and then I found 2.0.7-20 which allowed me to compile and install, but now the mysql service shuts down instantly due to not being able to create an interrupt thread, apparently. I assume this is to do with a pthread issue in -20 which was resolved in -29.

Anyway... I can't find -29 anywhere on the internet. I've found where the Cobalt files got moved to (Index of /pub), but for some reason, the "experimental" directory which once contained -29 has been removed and only -10 can be found there now.

So I'm wondering... does anyone here have -29, know someone who does or know somewhere I can find it? Keep in mind that RaQ2 uses a MIPS CPU. A MIPS-suitable src.rpm of any version post-29 would be fine, too (I have a -32 source RPM, but discovered that it was for i386).

Thanks in advance. ;D