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    Cannot search man pages


    New to Linux here. I have installed Linux 9 on an i386 box. I try the "make whatis" command which has worked for me in Solaris, but I get back the following message: make: ***No rule to make target 'whatis'. Stop.

    Any suggestions?


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    Have you done ./configure before make?


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    No. The man pages are there, but I cannot do a man -k "keyword" , or an arpropos command for that matter. I vaguely remember using a .configure command from within a directory to install apps, but not to set up the man database.

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    What distro do you use?

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    Redhad 9. I installed it bloated with everything. I basically want to tool around with it for a couple of months just to pick up where I left off and get comfortable with Linux again. Then, I play to wipe it clean and install the minimal options to set up Snort on it.

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    Then you should be able to install the man pages through up2date if that's still around. If not, check out yum or apt-get for redhat.


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    I think you misunderstand. Man pages are installed. I just need help creating the whatis database.

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    I believe Redhat comes with a "makewhatis" command, have you tried that?

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    Yeah, only I tried "make whatis"...god I'm a dope. I new I was rusty, but this is ridiculous. Thanks a million.

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