Hello every one,

while compiling c++ modules.
i am getting the following 2 errors.

/root/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbh/include/cdbh_TransferFileHeader.h:111: error: ulong_t does not name a type
/root/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbh/include/cdbh_TransferFileHeader.h:118: error: ulong_t does not name a type

can some of u explain what is ulong_t.

Warning: Semantic checking prevented by other reported errors
/opt/dce/bin/idl: File /root/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbm/idl/cdbm_0000.idl, line 36: [out] cdbm_t_cdbOccupancy**o1_occupancy,
Name not found: cdbm_t_cdbOccupancy
/opt/dce/bin/idl: File /root/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbm/idl/cdbm_0000.idl, line 42: [out] cdbm_t_diskQuota** o1_occupancy,
Name not found: cdbm_t_diskQuota
make: *** [/root/cc/unix-ce/root/subsys/cb/cdbm/obj_0000/Linux//cdbm_0000.h] Error 3

for the second error i checked cdbm_t_cdbOccupancy & cdbm_t_diskQuota are available in the specified path.

can some of u suggest a way to solve these 2 errors.

it's very urgent.

kind regards,