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    I need help with Fedora Core 2 themes

    ok, i had just installed FC2 the other day, have messed around with the irc client and gaim and thats about it, now i'm trying to install a new theme i downloaded thats for KDE 3.2 or whatever and it is in the .tar.gz format, but nothing happens when i try to install, can anyone help me? i'm new to the whole linux deal and am trying to learn as much as possible.

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    can you expand on "nothing happens" ?

    What did you type, did anything get displayed on the screen at all, etc etc

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    umm, i never typed anything, i went to themese pref, went to install , browsed for it which was under /home/dsparil/.themes and nothing happened

    i keep seeing people talk about entering command lines, where do i do that at?

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    Ok, you have to start Terminal and un pack the file. First go to where the file is

    Use cd to open a directory and ls to list files/directories in the directory you are in currently.

    Once you have located the file- write
    tar -zxvf filename
    Then write
    again and you should see a new folder created

    Open the new folder , executing ,/configure might be needed for simple things
    If you have to compile it then when in the new folder write

    and then loging as root
    enter then pass

    and write
    make install
    ...not sure if you have to compile anything with themes. This is my shot. Btw do buy a guide book. They help alot.

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    well, i goto jobcorps, and we don't get much spending money, so buying a book isn't much of an option sadly :/

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    I highly doubt themes need compiling...
    It might be easier to just find the file Konquorer (KDE File Manager/Browser), open the tar.gz with Arc, extract the files to a folder like /home/username/.theme and then select it with the KDE theme selector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D`Sparil
    well, i goto jobcorps, and we don't get much spending money, so buying a book isn't much of an option sadly :/
    For no cost, there are vast resources on the web and in your Linux installation. To get information on commands or programs while in Linux, in a terminal screen, enter man <command>. For example, for the "directory" command ls:
    man  ls
    If you aren't in Linux, you can Google "man ls" and you will get links to copies of the man (manual) pages.

    Also, for information on just about anything more complex, you can Google including the word "howto", for example try Googling "howto themes kde" and see lots of links on building, finding, using themes.

    And don't forget, Linux can do lots more than make cool looking desktops....
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