Hello, and sorry for having to creat a new topic, but I did a search and do not see my problem addressed.

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What I am after is to send an e-mail alert to my self from the server when someone successfully logs in via FTP

Similar to "send e-mail on root logging" in which I run.

Reason being, is I picked up a client about a month ago, and he was having some images made up ... Well, the "image guy" went in and sucked down all the files and this is not good.

I told my client last night the image guy did NOT NEED FTP access, yet he gave away his login info anyway.

It is too late now, and as a developer, this really ticked me off.

I could go in and nail (block) his IP, and might have to, but I am looking for an alert situation to awaken me, should this happen again..

Thank-you very much in advance for any help.