I finally got bugzilla, mysql, and perl playing together, but now checksetup.pl when run gives the following messege:

[root@localhost bugzilla]# ./checksetup.pl

Checking for perl modules...
Checking for AppConfig (v1.52) ok: found v1.55
Checking for CGI::Carp (any) ok: found v1.27
Checking for Data:umper (any) ok: found v2.102
Checking for Date::Parse (any) ok: found v2.27
Checking for DBI (v1.13) ok: found v1.40
Checking for DBD::mysql (v1.2209) ok: found v2.0419
Checking for File::Spec (v0.82) ok: found v0.88
Checking for File::Temp (any) ok: found v0.13
Checking for Template (v2.07) ok: found v2.12
Checking for Text::Wrap (v2001.013) ok: found v2001.0929
Checking for CGI::Carp (any) ok: found v1.27

The following Perl modules are optional:
Checking for GD(v1.19) ok: found v1.41
Checking for Chart::Base (v0.99) found unknow version
Checking for XML::Parser (any) ok: found v2.34

If you want to see graphical bug dependency charts, you may install the optional libgd and the Perl modules GD-1.19 and Chart::Base-0.99b, e.g. by running (as root)

Checking user setup...

The following variables are new to localconfig since you last ran checksetup.pl: /usr/local/mysql/

And after that I go into the localconfig file and where it says

#Please specify onl the directory name, with no trailing slash,
$mysqlpath = '/usr/local/mysql/bin/";

And everytime you run ./checksetup.pl at the end of the localconfig file that statement above is copied multiple times....

Is there supposed to be a code in that area where the path is because I don't know how to move forward on this

Any suggestions would be appreciated....