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Thread: Sound Trouble

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    Sound Trouble

    I just installed FC2 and am having some issues with sound...

    I do get sound, however only from the right speaker (and sub). The left is totally silent, even at max volume and all jacked up to left. is a picture of KMix. Perhaps you can see something I don't. I tried all sorts of configurations on that and no luck so far.

    I am using Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card.
    alsamixer info:
    AlsaMixer v1.0.3
    Card: Sound Fusion CS46xx
    Chip: Cirrus Logic CS4297A rev 4,Cirrus Logic CS4294 rev 5
    Item: Master

    Kernel: 2.6.5-1.358
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    Try messing with the left speaker's plug, it might not be inall the way. Other then that, your balance might be off..

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    I checked the alsamixer balance, and its centered. I set it all the way left and then its just completely silent. I know its not the cords as it works fine in XP.

    This happened to be with Mandrake 10.0 Community (beta 10.0), and was fixed when Mandrake 10.0 went official...dunno what they changed but it worked then. I really want to learn Fedora Core 2 more, however.
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