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    Help with KDE(please read)

    ok, disregard what i had asked about KDE on this post, i found where the themes setting is, this interface is a little bit different than gnome, my new question is, where are the themese/styles for kde stored at and how do i install new ones? i have looked everywhere for them. please don't just read and not give any advice, i have never used linux, and don't have any documentation on how to use it, so i'm just winging it trying to figure out most of the stuff on my own, so any help i could get would be much appreciated.

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    (Pssst: Don't tell anyone I told you this, but beggin don't help. And for themes.... I think most of the guys that bother to respond try to answer tough questions like ppp or grub or xf86config, even wine. Windows has lots of nice backgrounds and fonts and stuff: try them)
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    No offense, but I don't understand how it's possible that you "looked everywhere for them" when a Google search for "KDE themes" brings up as its second hit... just sayin'.
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    umm... i know where to get themes, i have a bunch downloaded, on my kde styles menu, there is no install new theme option or anything of that sort, it just gives me the option to choose from existing themes

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