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    server reboot without any reason

    Hey guys,

    I am new to the Linux and so far i like it,

    i have a problem here

    my server is running on Linux red hat and during the weekend, it just reboot , no touch it or lunch any command to do the reboot, it just reboot by itself and i dont know why..

    this happened twice so far on specific time at 7 pm it reboot

    now i want to know why?

    Can you tell me some steps to investigate and figure out why
    so far i checked the log /var/log and i dont see anything unnormal

    please help
    thank you

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    Have you got any cron jobs set for that time?

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    i have cron running every day at 6:30 PM and on each weekend when i am taking backup for my Database, and the problem show in Monday morning

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    Besides a software problem, it could also be a technical issue.

    If it is a genuine server (instead of a disused desktop computer), the hardware might be more sensitive than a regular "home-use" pc. It is possible that the powergrid has a minor fluctuation which could result in a powerdip which triggers the server to reboot. A regular desktop machine might even notice the dip and continue to work.

    There are other things which could cause this (some electrical bad connection)? Difficult to tell if it is a hardware problem.

    One easy thing to check is what happens if you connect it to another another power-outlet (make sure that is isn't used by something else). Does it also reboot or not?

    The system always reboots at the same time? Disconnect the server a couple of hours earlier (to let everything cool down). Connect it 5 - 10 minutes before it would reboot. Did it reboot? Chances are low on hardware failure (because everything did not get really hot).

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