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    System does not boot after shutdown -h now command

    Hi guys,

    I have recently joined this forum and I am a sort of a newbie to Linux. A few days back I had installed Red hat Linux 7.2 in dual boot with Win XP on my Toshiba laptop. I used Grub as boot loader and wrote it to MBR.

    Yesterday I was trying to log into Linux and it gave a sys file error message. It asked me to enter the root password or use ctrl-d to reboot. I entered the root password and then got the command line. I had no idea what to do then so I used the command " shutdown -h now". The sys came to a halt and then I used the power button to turn it off.

    The next time when I turned the sys. , there is no disk activity and a blank screen appears. The sys. is powered on and is running on AC power. It appears as if the sys is still in halt mode. I tried all key sequences and there is no effect. It appears as the keyboard is also dead since the LED for caps lock does not glow when i press it.

    I cannot even get into the BIOS to change the boot sequence to CDROM and do not have a floppy drive either. Please help me out guys.



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    On my computer, the same thing would happen b/c ACPI wouldn't physically shut off the system... It would just sit there forever with the power down message displayed. Have you tried either holding down your power button for about ten seconds to power cycle? If that doesn't work, how about unplugging it for a minute or so, then firing it back up?

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    Hi Jeremy,

    My system is working fine now. After posting my question I went back and removed the battery of my laptop and placed it back after some time. The system booted normally ater that.

    Thank you for responding back to my query. I appreciate it.



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