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    RedHat v9.0 : Boot Menu probs and USB BT Modems

    Hi Guys,
    Altho' an experienced computer techie type (software developer) I'm fairly new to the Linux field (especially with 'graphic' interfaces!).
    Anyway loaded up RH9 and have two problems:

    1) BootMagic doesn't seem to want to detect Linux, I've selected the boot sector, the main drive and the swapspace but none of them seem to work (It says preparing to load... then just sits there). I can boot from the floppy but I'd prefer a boot menu. (The other systems is, gasp, Win98, if that matters).

    2) My USB modem is a BT Voyager 105. I'm getting the impression that this won't work with Linux... It certainly doesn't appear in list shown when 'configuring the Internet' or 'Network') Anyone have any helpful suggestions (anything that doesn't involve spending money would be most welcome!!)

    Also - while I'm here - assuming I can't get the modem to work. Is there anyway of making a part of the disk visible to both Win98 and Linux? Then I could use the modem within windows to download stuff for use with Linux (if need be).

    Cheers, in anticipation...

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    Ask BT's For Some Druivers Because USB modems Are Made For Windows ( if you would see on every product which is USB, it will be shown that it is designed for Windows XP ( NT ) ) .
    My Modem ( USB too ) didnt Work, So I Bought A Router Which You Can get For 69.99 from PC World and it works perfectly.... By The Way If You Have Got Any Problams About Drivers, try looking at Product's Website.

    You Can Also Try which has got some drivers for USB modems :o

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